Acclaimed Alt-Folk & Americana Singer-Songwriter

“…Acoustic music at its best! This is where music came from. A guy or gal on a guitar, honestly talking about his or her life. Get this guy’s music in your collection now! I can’t wait until he comes to play in my home town. (recent review)…”

“…Dan Weintraub is a songwriter extraordinaire. An absolute must for acoustic music fans, it is the kind of sound and storytelling that fuse just brilliantly, surrounding you like a wall of thought, a to-do list of things to consider, if you will – a reflective and inspiring set of somewhat unpredictable advice. His music has a certain magic about it that is well worth letting into your life. (recent review)…”

1. After The Shouting
2. I Live Inside My Children
3. I Want You To Listen
4. Time Worked Fine
5. Look At The Picture

For over thirty years Dan Weintraub has quietly traversed the New England folk and singer-songwriter scene with his powerful voice, simple riffs and moving lyrics. Warming up for Tracy Chapman on the college folk scene in Boston in the mid-1980s, Dan now spends his summers on the road touring the U.S. and his winters playing and teaching near his home in Quechee, Vermont. If you believe that, at its best, folk and country music weaves lyrical tales that tell the honest stories of life, then you have come to the right place. Take a listen to Dan’s music on the pages of this website, download free tracks for your collection, and be sure to catch Dan live when he comes to your home town!

A Prolific Songwriter

Dan is one of the most prolific songwriters on the music scene today. Check out his attempt to author the ultimate musical journal in his recently embarked upon quest to write 1000 songs in as many days. Dan has a folk song to match your every mood, and he shares his stories, and life, with you. As one fan says, “I love Dan’s songwriting. The lyrics are intelligent and often have an undercurrent of darkness that’s irresistible. And his guitar playing is reserved but brilliant. He is fast becoming one of my favorite artists.”

1. Drifting Through Places
2. I’m Lying Now
3. I Guess
4. Take Care
5. As In A Dream

Compelling Lyrics

The art of song writing is embodied in the ability to author compelling lyrics that draw you in and make you feel, or see, or wonder. You identify. You get, as one fan said, “goosebumps,” because the song you’re listening to is the one that you yourself would write about the thing that happened to you. This indeed is Weintraub’s greatest strength. Dan doesn’t offer you a window into his soul – he opens the door and invites you in. He writes honestly, frankly and from the heart. He says the things you might want to say but would never dare say. It’s this lyrical transparency that makes Weintraub so unique as a songwriter and performer. One fan of Dan’s songwriting, in commenting on Dan’s song Another Man’s Failings, said, “Wow! It has finally happened. I have no words. I think that I just listened to the most transparent and honest song that I have EVER heard! There is no limit to what a song as powerful as this one could do in the hands and on the lips of the right man…”


Sweet and Subtle Guitar

Behind each song is an acoustic guitar, plain and simple. Weintraub has the ability to compose and execute the kind of simple riffs that are an apt accompaniment to each story. His songs are stark and transparent. No frills. Just a sweet, honest guitar style you can enjoy.

A Striking Voice

Often melancholy, sometimes brooding, soulful and honest and even funny, Dan’s powerful voice is perfect for delivering a sound and a feel that is so engaging. The impact of the songs is complimented by Dan’s understated and often haunting vocals. Of Dan’s voice one fan says, “The emotions are strummed very powerfully on the guitar and heard in your voice on every word. That you feel these songs so deeply makes them very compelling. That you write words and deliver them with such heart, emotion that I can feel as well, makes me want to play them over and over…”